Unique Sketching Class At The Mission

Our resident art enthusiasts recently participated in a unique sketching class at Historic Mission San Juan! Held in downtown San Juan, this all day event began at 10:00am and concluded at 3:00pm. Since the weather was still very warm, we made sure to bring our sunscreen as well as wear hats and sunglasses. The bus conveniently brought us right up to the entrance for us to unload all of our gear. We set up our comfortable padded chairs directly in front of the beautiful fountain just outside Serra Chapel with the view of the four bells right behind it.

The instructor brought a large easel for us to follow her drawing if we desired, but our eager artists created their own interpretations of what they saw and wanted to sketch. Some of us drew just a few bells, while others chose to include details including the background with all four bells.

Later in the day, we began to get hungry from all of our hard work sketching! Fortunately, our wonderful chef packed us a hearty lunch complete with sandwiches, grapes, and assorted beverages which we took over to the picnic area for an afternoon feast. We sat in a shady area with large trees and umbrellas while everyone enjoyed the opportunity to relax and stretch their legs.

By the end of the class, our dedicated artists had finally finished their magnificent sketches and were proud to hold them up on display for a group photo!

Where will we go next month to sketch? Stay tuned to find out!

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