Tea House on Los Rios

The Fountains at Sea Bluffs residents enjoyed a perfect day to go downtown for a cup of tea in the early morning! We eagerly climbed aboard the van, ready for our excursion to the local tea house which is located not too far from our community. The Tea House on Los Rios is an old house that was converted into a tea shop, located on the oldest residential street in California. The locals that once lived in the house were coincidentally close childhood friends with our Community Life Director’s mother! Growing up in the area, the two were neighbors – everyone knew everyone on Los Rios Street as it was a tight-knit community.

Tourists come from all over to visit the historic district of San Juan. Local legends say that a pirate buried gold somewhere beneath the streets and the ghost stories continue to be passed down through generations. Most of the old homes have been converted into shops for tourists; very few homes remain from the original families, as they were passed down to the next generation.

The Tea House is old yet very comfortable with it’s charming wood floors and beams. After carefully viewing the wide selection offered, we each ordered our own pot of tea and sampled each of our choices. Our meal was fit for the Queen herself!  We enjoyed delectable currant scones that were shaped like a heart and served with clotted cream and raspberry preserves. The menu also offered four types of finger sandwiches that included a portion of fresh, seasonal fruit as well.  No matter what we ordered, we all agreed that the food was delicious! Afterwards we stopped at a few local shops and purchased trinkets that were a “must have.”

We hope to see you next month our Fall Tea & Legends by Candlelight class! If you are a tea enthusiast or love hearing about local folklore, you won’t want to miss out on this intriguing program.

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