Speaker: Stem Cell Regeneration

Dr. William Leach from the Wellness Center in our local area came and spoke to us about regenerative support for soft tissue/ligament conditions using a product called Rejuv. Stem cells are unique in that they have the ability to self-renew (make more of the same kind of stem cell).

So where does this Rejuv come from? It is derived from umbilical cord blood, and utilizes cells donated from healthy, disease-free donors during live, healthy planned births. Umbilical cord blood (UCB) is proven to have concentrations of cells and other components necessary for stimulating the regenerative process.

Why use Rejuv? It is derived from young tissue, which has a more profound impact than other tissue products and sources.

Most of use, regardless of our backgrounds or former occupations, were enthusiastic about the potential for stem cells to propel science and research in new directions.  What we actually know about stem cells – how they develop, what they do, where they come from – only scrapes the surface.  It is not the cure-all some people might think.

The take-home message seemed to be hope, tinged with caution. There is potential for greatness once underlying mechanisms are understood, research techniques improved, and new strategies devised. Remember, it is not the cure-all some people might think. It is another alternative in which to explore your options that could help your situation.

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