Picnic at Dana Point Harbor

Sea Bluffs is located next to Dana Point Harbor and the walking club goes down there twice a week and many of us walk the harbor every day during the week. The green grassy areas are plentiful by the Island bridge and are perfect for a summer time picnic. This is where we enjoy the sights and sounds that the harbor has to offer. While we all enjoyed our picnic lunch, we also enjoy the wildlife. We like watching the giant Blue Herons in their nests, seals on the jetty rocks, and the numerous grey and white squirrels coming close to see if we have dropped any goodies for them. Now that it is officially summer, the paddleboarders are out and boat owners are going out to sea. The spot that we always head to is peaceful and beautiful. Dana Point Harbor is still one of the last OC beach areas unspoiled by parking meters and crowded streets. On the island just past the statue of Richard Henry Dana, await our picnic tables and benches to sit and watch all the boating and paddleboarding activity. It’s where we have our Fried Chicken, Costco Hot Dogs, Pasta Salad, Marie Calendar Pies and Arnold Palmers as well as assorted beverages. We love it!

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