Love’s Blessing!

When you’re newlyweds and just powering through that first year you really don’t think about the silver, golden & platinum anniversaries just yet because they seem so far off at that moment in time.

But, to have a 70th wedding anniversary is a rare event indeed, it signifies a remarkable event of wedded bliss for a couple. Therefore, it is no surprise that a 70th anniversary serves as inspiration to the world that love triumphs over all. Each year this couple celebrates and strengthens their marriage that defines “forever”. Residents Mr. & Mrs. Platt celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary. Just looking at Bob and Ann Platt, you can see the love they have for one another and you know that soulmates can find each other and commitment means something.

Mr. & Mrs. Platt celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary here at The Fountains at Sea Bluffs with friends and family in the dining room. Everyone had a fabulous dinner with wine and champagne which was a perfect pairing with the meal. The dining staff brought out a sweet confection right after dinner with best wishes for the Platt’s. The sweet treat the couple was presented with was a big number 70 Sweet Tart made by Community Life Director Georgia Edmundson. Staff, friends and family congratulated the happy couple well throughout the entire evening. The couple was really surprised and delighted to have something a little different that was not the traditional piece of cake. It was a perfect ending to the evening.

So, let’s raise our glass and give a toast: From all of us here at The Fountains at Sea Bluffs, to Mr. & Mrs. Platt, a toast to the two of you as you celebrate together with family and friends, two extraordinary people, a couple who bring joy to all, Happy Anniversary and many more!



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