An Extraordinary June at The Fountains at Sea Bluffs

Last month we had so many excursions and events going on that we kept everyone very busy. Starting out the month, we had 12 excursions for those on the go. They ranged from a Vintage VW Show to The Getty Center, in addition to plays, concerts and festivals. There was a little something for everyone. Events at The Fountains at Sea Bluffs started off with an audition from an entertainer that would like to play here at our community, so we got to hear him sing and see if we wanted him back. Next up, we had 40 girls aged 3-11 years old come to sing and dance for us. They were so cute!  A band came and we had a 50’s Sock Hop and had chip and dip to munch on as we rocked to the music. For our speaker series, Medicare representatives came to answer questions. Our Father’s Day Brunch included a nautical theme. Favors that contained handmade soap were given to the great men in our lives. All June birthdays were celebrated with champagne and cake at a special dinner and we also held our building block party where everyone got together to meet the new neighbors (or just see friends) and enjoyed lunch and dessert. The Men’s Fashion Show was fun and exciting. The men were given champagne as they waited with anticipation for their turn to walk down the aisle. The ladies crowded into the dining room and threw money at the men and cheered them on. After all the models had their turn down the aisle, lunch was served then dessert followed.  Lastly we had a bridal reception and all the ladies submitted photos of themselves in wedding dresses and we had punch and ate wedding cake. Everyone got to look at the bridal pictures and guess who it was. We all had a great time reminiscing. Come see what we have planned for July!

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